Automatic Water  Billing System

Automatic Water Billing System

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Automatic Water Billing System

Broil sensotek industries developed automatic water billing system; it is best solution of water consumption measurement at Housing Society, Apartment, Comercial and industrial project,

BROILTECH water billing system has three parts:

Water flow sensor : itâ„¢s a basic sensor that measure water passing qty from water line, broiltech producer of water flow sensor from past 8 years and supply full word, itâ„¢s has wide variety of line size and flow rate

Data logger : its measure and store data of each flow sensor, and provide different output : wireless/ wire modbus 232/485/422/32/Ethernet for connect to computer software

Computer software :

  • This application is for Calculate Water bill, Take route on usage of water and bill Payment.
  • Page List with different future :
  • Live Page
  • Owner Detail
  • Meter Detail
  • Bill Generate
  • Bill Print
  • Payment Generate
  • Cash Receipt Print
  • Bill Report
  • Other Report
  • Ledger Detail
  • Comport/Ethernet Setting
  • Rate Master
  • Email
  • SMS
  • 1000 water flow sensor connection facility