Food Industry Flow Sensor

Food Industry Flow Sensor

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We are indian producer of positive displacement oval gear flow sensor , our range from 150 litter/hour to 1,50,000 litter/hour and available in thread and flange type connection,


Fuel Flow Sensor

Accuracy (standard installation position) : ±1% RS

Maximum working pressure: 10MPa (35~85%RH)

Fluid &Ambient temperature: -40 to80°C

Power voltage: 3 - 24V DC

Output signal: NPN Open collector

Connection: R3/8(M) or ¼ female

Material of construction:

Rotor and casing         :   s.s-316

O-ring                       :    NBR

Shaft                        :    Stainless Steel

Major fluids : wine, beer, coffee, tea, juice and food


flow range:

BT-DOFS-006(5~150L/H) : 0.000661 P/L

008(20~300L/H) : 0.0025 P/L

010(50~800L/H) : 0.0025 P/L

015(80~1,500L/H) :0.0085 P/L

020(150~2,000L/H) :0.0154 P/L

025(200~4,000L/H) :0.0256 P/L

040(500~10,000L/H) :0.086 P/L

050(600~20,000L/H) :0.19 P/L

065(800~30,000L/H) :0.36 P/L

080(1,000~50,000L/H) :0.54 P/L

100(2,000~100,000L/H) :1.0 P/L

150(5,000~150,000L/H) :3.2 P/L


Major fluids : aluminum wetted part : kerosene, Gasoline, diesel, light oil, heavy oil
                     : s.s wetted part : wine, bear, alcohole, milk, juice, coffee, tea
                     : pps wetted part : for all chemical and pharma drug