Thermal mass gas flow meter inline

Thermal mass gas flow meter inline

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BROILTECH Thermal mass flow meter for detection and metering the gas and air. Its work on principal of calorie amount taken away from the heated sensor by a fluid flow is calibrated to the mass of flow,

Thermal mass flow meter use for measuring : air, nitrogen, argon, co2, chlorine, ethane, ethylene, methane, ammonia, helium, hydrogen, bio gas,

Technical specification :

  • Type : Inline and Insertion
  • Medium : All kinds of gases (pure stable except for acetylene)
  • Accuracy : 1%
  • Repeatability : 0.2% full scale meter
  • Ambient Temperature : -40C to 50C
  • Medium Temperature : -40C to 260 C
  • Environmental Pressure : 1 MPa, 2.5 MPa
  • Protection : Water Proof, Explosion Proof
  • Material of construction : S.S. 316 (Standard) other on request


Power voltage: 85 v ac – 250 v ac OR 24V DC 10%

display mode:

Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), as follows:

  • L XXX. X four instantaneous flow (m3 / h) or L/h
  • XX. XXXXXX eight cumulative flow (m3) or L

temperature reading

  • Cumulative flow: automatically expand the display precision, the cumulative flow values can be reset.
  • Power-fail protection: instrument coefficient, the Total flow values ten years is not lost when power supply drop.


  • 3 wire pulse
  • 2 wire 4 to 20 mA
  • RS-485
  • HART