Vehicle Fleet Management System

Vehicle Fleet Management System

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We would like to draw your attention on our company, Broil Fleet Management,

Producer of Vehicles fuel and fleet management system (VFFMS) from India,

VFFMS Future and Option :

  • VFFMS : itâ„¢s a full system that measured your vehicle data and send it to our server and we  record it, and you analysis of your vehicle data from our server anywhere from world, history data available on server : 30days/90days/180days/360 days
  • Fuel consumption : VFFMS measure your vehicle input diesel toward engine and return diesel toward tank and through it we calculate original fuel consumption of vehicle
  • Fuel level in tank :- VFFMS measure diesel in tank
  • Fueling volume and time : VFFMS measure and count fuel input qty and time when your driver fill fuel in tank
  • Fueling discharge volume and time : VFFMS measure fuel out from tank vs time
  • Traveled distance : VFFMS measure travel distance time vise by your vehicle
  • Engine operating time : VFFMS measure total operating time of your vehicle engine
  • Traveling time : VFFMS measure and store total traveling tine of your vehicle
  • Ideal time : VFFMS measure total not working time of your vehicle
  • Engine speed : VFFMS measure and record engine speed in RPM for analysis of driver and engine working condition
  • Vehicle speed : VFFMS measure and record vehicle speed
  • Vehicle current position in map : VFFMS measure and record current position of vehicle vs time
  • Vehicle travel route : VFFMS measure and record travel route

VFMS Technical Data:


  • Fuel flow sensor: 2 nos : one for inline and second for outline from engine,
  • Itâ„¢s a manufacturing by oval gear positive displacement sensor
  • Accuracy: 1% of fuel calculation
  • Tank level sensor: itâ„¢s a capacitive level sensor design for fuel,
  • Accuracy; 0.5mm of tank height
  • Rpm sensor: accuracy 1% of engine rpm
  • Speed sensor: through GPS : 2% of vehicle speed
  • Position of vehicle: through GPS

Sensor measuring and transmitting instrument

  • Type: Microcontroller/Microprocessor based
  • Communication Ports : RS232 - Data setting and data uploading
  • Wireless Connectivity : GPS   for Tracking

GPRS for Remote data logging

Memory :

  • 1MB Internal Non volatile Memory for Abnormal data
  • storing during Unavailability of network.
  • Axillaries Power : 5 - 12 Vdc
  • Operating Condition: -20 to 70 Deg. C, Humidity: 0-95% RH (No condensing)
  • Housing  : Weatherproof

It is very important to highline that our motto is excellent product quality is Tuned with reliable price and with commitment of customer satisfaction. And we are confident toward it bz our all sensor and electronics is our indigenous product and production in our factory

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