vortex steam gas and liquid mass flow meter

vortex steam gas and liquid mass flow meter

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BROILTECH Vortex Flowmeter bases on Karman vortex street Principal for detection and metering the liquid, gas and steam. It is widely used in Petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, heat supply
industry, etc.

Application :

  • Pure liquids and hydrocarbon with low viscosity (< 10 Cp) Water
  • Chemicals that suitable with S.S. 316 Material
  • Saturated steam
  • Superheated steam
  • Industrial gases

Compressor air measurement

  • Gas : air, oxygen, nitrogen, coal gas, natural gas, chemical gas ,
  • liquid : water, high temperature water, oil, food liquid, chemical liquid,
  • steam: saturated steam, overheated steam,


  • No moving parts, wear resistance, structure is simple and fastness
  • The allowed working temperature is wide from -40℃ to +350℃
  • Wide range, High accuracy Meter body adopts stainless steel material, corrosion-proof Pulse signal output, two-wire system 4-20mA current output, RS-485 output 

Technical Specification :

Enclosure : 1Cr18Ni9Ti

Accuracy : +/- 0.5 for liquied, 1% for gas and steam

Repeatability : 0.2%

Flow range: Liquid:

  • 0.4-7.0m/s;
  • :Gas:4.0-60.0m/s;
  • :Steam:5.0-70.0m/s

Maximum working pressure: 6 MPa

Fluid Ambient temperature: -40 to 350 Deg. C

Connection: Thread (M/F) or flange


Power voltage: 3.3 V10AH lithium batteries can be used more than 5 years in a row. OR 24 v dc

display mode:

  • Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), as follows:
  • L XXX. X four instantaneous flow (m3 / h) or L/h
  • XX. XXXXXX eight cumulative flow (m3) or L Pressure, temperature reading
  • Cumulative flow: automatically expand the display precision, the cumulative flow values can be reset.
  • Power-fail protection: instrument coefficient, the Total flow values ten years is not lost when power supply drop.

output : 3 wire pulse/2 wire 4 to 20 mA/ RS-485/HART